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4D massage chair RK8901S

Time:2018-04-03 Category :New Products Vews :0
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Parameter

1.The patented intelligent 4D heating massage machine, with 8 rollers make the massage more stronger and deeper.

2. SL-track rail design, rollers moving from top to seat area can achieve any angle massage to the thighs, experience the comfort of the whole body massage.

3. One-touch key lying down to flat angle and true zero gravity function can effectively relieve pressure on the spine and joints, enjoy the physical and mental relaxation of the comfortable feeling; footrest lifting position is a little higher than the user’s heart position at recline angle of the backrest, which can provide more oxygen to the brain.

4. Intelligient auto detection function which confirm the massage range according to the body shape.

5. Slide forward before lying down, saving space from the wall(3'' against wall is ok).

6. Air pressure massage for shoulder, waist, arm, butt, calf and foot.

7. Back and forth rolling, scraping and air squeezing massage for feet. The rollers also have heat function which can provide a warm therapy for foot soles.

8. Extendable footrest, Maximum 8'' suitable for people with different height.

9. Heat on Lower Back and Foot Soles.

10. Blue-tooth connection with tablet or cellphone both in Android system. You can download APP to control the chair by cellphone. Wireless Bluetooth music player can effectively adjust the mood, ease mental fatigue.

11.Fashional LED light design on shoulder and armrest.

12. USB for cellphone emergency charge.

13. Leg rubbing function.

Packing Size

1550*795*955MM (Main body)

1230*420*760MM (Armrest)

585*570*615MM (Legrest)


40HQ : 30PCS