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RK7909B Massage chair Bluetooth function

Time:2016-08-12 Category :New Products Vews :0
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Function details:

1. 3D back massage mechanism, Back massage rollers with heating function, like the human hand of massagist,realize heating massage when massage machine do massaging  on neck,shoulder,back,waist and hip.

2. L shape rail design.

Super long massage stroke,from head to the buttock directly.

Break the traditional L shape rail can not lie flat, can not stretch the defect, achieve the ultimate massage experience.


3.  Zero gravity function.

Based on the NASA zero gravity theory, and fundamental of TCM, COMTEK created the most comfortable "zero gravity" massage postion.

Zero Gravity is when your body under the most natural and complete relaxation poise,legs are higher than body,realizing 128 ± 7°, it keeps

body fucntion in the best status.

4. Forward Sliding function

Micro space intelligent forward sliding function, keeps only 8cm from the wall, slide forward automatically after switching on, saving space and displaying a perfect intelligent home concept.


5. With foot roller massage function.

Feet is the seccond heart of human body.With rollers device in sole part,supply comprehensive accurate massage,simulate the reflex zones,effect excellent physical therapy heath care efficacy.

6.Wireless bluetooth control system.  Bluetooth music play function. Receive phone call by pressing the answer key on the controller.

7.Extendable footrest within 32cm, which is the longest in this field. Special design for people with different body height.