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RK7907B Comtek new massage chair L shape

Time:2016-08-10 Category :New Products Vews :0
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function details:

1.3D back six rollers massage machine, deep tissue and ultimate massage experience.

2. Back massage rollers with heating function.

3. Intelligent body detecting function.

When turn on massage chair, massage chair can scan the body shape automatically and provide a proper and precise massage accordingly.

4.SL track massage chair, super long L shape rail design.

5.One button  touch perform zero gravity function.

Synchronization backrest, seat and legrest by multi-angle changeable module, realizing best zero gravity massage experience. Creating a completely relax, natural and comfortable massage posture. Reducing heart and spine pressure, Increasing blood and oxygen supply for the brain, improving sleeping quality, eliminating fatigue.

6. Heating therapy on waist part.

7. Micro Space intelligent sliding forward function.

Slide forward automatically after switching on, keeps only 3” from the wall, saving space and displaying a perfect intelligent home concept.

8. Rhythm Massage

With Bluetooth music play function, with loudspeaker on the two sides of head parts of chair, the massage machine can do rhythm massage according to music play, help you to adjust moods and relieve mental fatigue.

9. Leg-rest extension function.

Leg-rest and foot-rest can extend and retract within 8”, suitable for different people to use.

10. Professional Foot roller Massage

Feet have the name of second heart of human body, RK7907B full body massage chair adopt leading technology, 3 groups rollers devise in sole part, supply comprehensive accurate massage, stimulate the reflex zones, effect excellent physical therapy health care efficacy, physical fitness, prolong life live.

Easy operation controller